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Organic or Non-organic — Which is better?

Where there is digital marketing, there is a tug-of-war between organic and non-organic. People often get confused about which one to use. In my opinion, they both are equally important.

I may have started my journey as a journalist but have transformed into a digital marketer over the years. Till day, I have worked with a lot of companies and a digital agency. They all have one thing in common — a constant confusion between which is better and which is important.

To solve this mystery, let’s actually dive into their output and understand how they benefit a company.

Organic Marketing — Free but Slow

The literal meaning of organic is to produce something without any use of chemicals or fertilizer. It’s meaning, overall, remains the same in digital marketing as well. When you opt for a marketing strategy that is free and doesn’t involve the payment to a digital platform, it’s organic.

Now, to break it down, it will the involvement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Development, Social Media presence, Content Marketing, and Guest Posts, to make a few.

Whilst it doesn’t demand your additional money apart from hiring the right resource, it’s slow. So, if you’re working on this strategy continuously, day in day out, you are expected to get the result only after 6 months. Why use it, you may ask? Well, the output will be genuine and will stay there for years to come.

Sometimes, companies don’t have patience and decide to ditch it. Less they know that ditching it won’t help you, at all. You would need organic as it appears to be the soul of the marketing. Without this, you can’t succeed at all.

Non-Organic: Paid but Fast

It is for all those ‘Fast and the Furious’ Fans. They are the ones who want an instant result and need to get things done, immediately. Well, it’s a method wherein you pay and gamble via Google AdWords to make your website or content appear in the top result.

It’s a bike that will move until you’re injecting money. The day you stop, it stops. Now, is it good or bad? Well, I believe it’s good, only if you know when and how much to invest.

Don’t just invest every penny that you own in a non-organic method else you would get nothing. You have to make a wise decision of taking a calculating risk as how much, when, and where you invest matter the most.


Organic and Non-Organic are two wheels of a cart. If one drops, the cart won’t ahead. Likewise, you need to consider both, only you should know when and how much to use. It’s always better to seek the advice of an expert before you even plan any digital marketing strategy. A wrong organic strategy will not give you any output, and wrong non-organic activity will only suck in your money.



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