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6 Reasons why startups need digital marketing

We are living in an era where no matter what, we can’t escape the digital world. Wherever we go, whatever we do, digital platforms have become an inseparable part of our life. Some people complain, some praise whilst others maintain a neutral opinion about the fast-evolving world. In such a world, not having a digital footprint is considered the lifestyle of a caveman.

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour, but most startups look at this as a secondary requirement. They believe that social media is out of their reach since the services are a burden on their budget and they shove it off. However, no matter how much they think, digital marketing ought to be their priority, right before the start their operations. Let’s have a look at why it is needed and how startups can actually benefit from it.

Instant Connection with the Audience –

Undoubtedly, the age-old marketing is in practice, but it has taken a back seat when it comes to a faster, easier and economical way to connect with the target audience. The digital world has brought people close to each other. Not only two individuals from opposite directions can have a real-time conversation, but companies can also address the grievances, connect with them, and grow their network smoothly with the least investment.

Cost-Effective Marketing Technique –

Digital Marketing mainly comprises of two types: Paid Marketing and Organic (Non-Paid) Marketing. Paid marketing is tricky and needs constant attention, however, does give you an instant result. Nonetheless, the catch here is to keep it going, companies have to keep on infusing money, at various levels. On the contrary, Organic or Non-Paid Marketing completely relies on content. It will take time to show the result, but once the wheels are in motion, things will turn much better than expected.

These two techniques are still cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing, wherein companies hire marketing executives at each city or region they wish to cover. The outcome is limited these days and hiring more manpower means more expenses.

Better Understanding of Customer -

In traditional marketing, decision-makers rely on the field employees when it comes to understanding the customers and getting their due feedback about the product or services. The digital world has transformed this journey of information into a straight and short line. Now, decision-makers can directly understand the actions of their target audience through their activities on digital platforms, can alter it accordingly, and can get better and faster results.

True Engagement –

Startups need the true engagement of their audience on digital platforms. They need actually customers to share their valuable feedback on the product or services the company offers. This is essential to strengthen their position in the competitive world. Imagine this in a pre-digital era where there was a limited offline engagement.

Smooth Brand Building –

Brand building is a tedious process. It needs unlimited man-hour and workforce to create a reputed brand. However, digital marketing eases the task by connecting the company with the target audience, instantly. Today, when it is difficult to imagine life without digital media, startups just can’t turn their head away from it, especially when there is an urgency to build the brand.

Metrics for Better Strategy –

This is an added advantage of digital marketing. The true and rough metrics that give you a fair idea about the audience interactions, competition, your position on a digital platform, and what works or doesn’t work. For any strategist, these untouched or unaltered data is like a Holy Book. They base their next plan of action on the information provided and work towards improving the presence.

Whilst startups need digital marketing, they must understand that it’s just about posting things online. It’s about driving a plan that is best suited for an individual company aiming to meet the business goals and provide a better result. It’s not necessary that the replicated strategy will work for you as well. So, if you’re looking for a tailor-made digital strategy, do contact us. We would love to be your digital partner and would love to grow with you.


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